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DATE: March 16 , 2023
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Colorado Women’s Hall of Fame Unveils New Social Studies and
Literacy Curriculum

Denver, CO – The Colorado Women’s Hall of Fame (CWHF), in partnership with CU Denver and Colorado Student Leaders Institute , showcased the new female-focused ‘Who Are We?’ curriculum at their Class of 2022 VIP Gala at Colorado University on March 14th.

The collaboratively created curriculum is designed to explore the stories of the women who have shaped the history of Colorado and the nation’s through project-based and experiential learning. It serves as a graduation capstone experience for CO high school students and is also adaptable for any student K-12 and completely aligned to the newest set of CO Social Studies standards.

The Who Are We Curriculum

The ‘Who Are We?’ curriculum is available online to all schools and educators in Colorado, providing comprehensive and engaging resources for teachers and students to learn about the important contributions of women in history  Colorado Women’s Hall of Fame: Celebrating the Contributions of Distinctive Women

“We are thrilled to offer this new ‘Who Are We?’ curriculum to educators across the state of Colorado. It is a comprehensive and engaging resource for teachers and students to learn about the important contributions of women in history,” said Barb Beckner, Chair of the CWHF. “It is our hope that ‘Who Are We?’ will inspire future generations to recognize the important role of women in shaping history and encourage them to become leaders in their own right.”

The curriculum includes lessons, suggested readings, and project-based learning assignments tailored to each student grade level. It enables students to examine the history of women through topics of personal interest, providing an enriching and personalized learning experience. Students can also compete in Colorado’s National History Day cycle, if they choose to do so.

“We are proud to be part of this collaborative initiative with the CWHF in the creation of the ‘Who Are We?’ curriculum,” said Celeste Archer, President of the National History Day in Colorado. “This inspired resource shines a light on a phenomenal group of female changemakers in the state of Colorado, and it provides a wonderful opportunity for Colorado students to get to know these trailblazers in the classroom, in a more meaningful way than they have ever before.”

The ‘Who Are We?’ curriculum is the latest initiative from the CWHF to promote the achievements of women and inspire future generations. For more information and to access the curriculum, please visit the Colorado Women’s Hall of Fame website.


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