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The Colorado Women's Hall of Fame Nomination Process
Mary Lou Anderson

The Selection Process

The Hall selects new inductees every two years in the odd numbered years, to be inducted in March of the even numbered years. The Hall depends on members of the public to nominate extraordinary women.  Inductees are selected by an independent, diverse panel of community members from across Colorado.

The Selection Committee reviews all nominations and selects nominees for induction based on clear criteria and the strength of the nomination.

NOMINATIONS ARE CURRENTLY CLOSED.  Nominations are normally accepted from March 1 – August 1st in odd-numbered years. Download Nomination Guidelines



See below for  information on details of the selection process, and how to write a great nomination. 

Nominate Someone

Any Coloradan can nominate. Six contemporary and four historical Inductees are selected. The best way to get the attention of the Selection Committee is to have a complete, well-prepared and well-documented nomination. We’ve put together some tips in the video below to help you approach your nomination. Refer to Inductee biographies on the Colorado Women’s Hall of Fame website Inductees page  to fully understand the level of achievement the Hall is seeking.

Writing a Strong Nomination: Tell a compelling, powerful story

  • Highlight essential and inspirational accomplishments while being economical. Provide context for the nominee’s accomplishments, particularly historical nominees.  Expand upon why the contributions and achievements have made a difference for our communities, other women, and in their specific field.  Include any challenges the nominee had to overcome in their journey.  A long nomination is not necessarily better.  Quality is more important than quantity.  For example, a copy of every award the nominee received is not necessary; a list of awards will suffice.
  • Differentiate your nominee from all others in her field.  How do her contributions differ from those of other people in her field today?  What makes her stand out?
  • Address the criteria separately and completely.  Gather information and talk to co-sponsors.
  • The selection committee evaluates nominations solely on the information you submit and you should assume they do not know or have heard of your nominee.  Write a powerful and concise nomination and be as detailed and specific as possible.  Proofread to avoid errors and to ensure all the information is accurate and complete.

Selections are made August 1 - October in odd-numbered years.


The Hall recruits an independent Selection Committee comprised of diverse citizens around the state who are experts in their fields.


The selection committee presents a slate of nominees to the CWHF Board of Directors for final approval. The selected women are officially inducted at a gala induction event.

Criteria for Selection and Nomination

Criteria One: Made Significant and enduring contributions to their field of endeavor:

These contributions must be exemplary.  What difference did the nominee make that would make future generations think her achievement was outstanding? Are they normal for a woman in her field or well beyond normal?  Were these achievements extraordinary within the context of the time in which it occurred? Will these accomplishments stand the test of time? Will your nominee represent a significant and enduring accomplishment 50 years from now? If yes, nominate her.  Verify your facts.  Do not make assumptions.  (40%)

Criteria Two: Elevated the status of women and helped open new frontiers for women and/or society:

Highlight how women were positively impacted by your nominee’s accomplishments.  How did the nominee enhance society’s view of women?  What changed as a result of your nominee’s actions?  What did she accomplish that changed the future for women and/or society? (40%)

Criteria 3: Inspired others, especially women and girls, by her example:

Highlight your nominee’s impact on others. Describe the characteristics that make her a role model for others. Explore the depth of that impact by talking with others (peers, colleagues, historical groups). Find out what positive and lasting changes occurred based on the nominee’s achievements locally, statewide, nationally, or internationally which serve as the basis for the inspiration.  (20%)

This is an extremely competitive process.  Be persistent. Some inductees were nominated many times before being selected. Some of the variables that may influence selection during each review cycle are the number of applications received, the pool of women represented within professions, the number of historical versus contemporary applications, etc.   If your nominee is not selected, you may submit the nomination again during the next review cycle.  You may choose to strengthen the nomination by adding to it or editing it.

English responses preferred – thanks!

Completing the Form

Do not attach letters of recommendation or submit extraneous supporting documentation. Limited pertinent supporting documentation will be accepted. Extraneous documentation will not be distributed to the committee. If a person other than the nominator wishes to contribute a statement specific to questions 1-3, please add the statement, attribute it to that person, and add the person’s name and contact information to the list of references and contact information.


How to submit 

  • Complete the nomination form fully. Incomplete forms will not be considered. Nominations must be submitted electronically.
  • If you are putting forth two women for a single contribution, submit one nomination form on behalf of both women. You must provide complete identifying information for both women.
  • Sign the affirmation at the end of the form attesting to the validity of the information provided, to the best of your knowledge.
  • E-Mail a copy of the form and a copy of all supporting documentation to the email address provided.
  • Please note:
    • Materials submitted in conjunction with the nomination will not be returned to the nominator.
    • If your candidate is chosen, a large-format digital photo will be requested of the inductee. If the nominee is no longer living, the Hall will make that request of you. Also, if the inductee is a historical figure, you will be asked to attend the gala and may be asked to accept the honor on her behalf if a relative or appropriate organizational individual is not available.
Carolína González


Nominations must be RECEIVED by August 1st of odd numbered years.

Nominations are now closed for the Induction Class of 2020.

If you have any questions during the nomination process, contact:
The Colorado Women’s Hall of Fame303.271.3599 or email: .

Download Nomination Guidelines