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Founded in 1985, the Colorado Women’s Hall of Fame recognizes and preserves the lives and achievements of Colorado women, past and present, women who blazed new trails in their fields and, in the process, improved the lives of women and girls.  Their accomplishments echo forward, elevating the lives of women today and for generations to come.

Your financial support of the Colorado Women’s Hall of Fame helps us highlight and share the legacy of Colorado’s most extraordinary women and inspire future generations of women and girls to greater achievement.

Your donation will fund statewide programs of education and outreach including:

Film Initiative

The Hall will continue to create engaging videos of each Inductee’s compelling story. These videos will be available to schools, colleges, libraries and other organizations to assist in educating the people of Colorado of the struggles and achievements of our amazing women. The goal is to inspire all Coloradans to meet their own potential. These educational, and sometimes award-winning films will be available through our website.

Educational Programs:

The CWHF is launching new educational programs to inform and inspire the next generation of boys and girls between the ages of 10 and 18 with the stories of the contributions & accomplishments of women in Colorado. These programs will build upon the incredible stories of our CWHF Inductees and put into context the historical significance of their impact. The great Colorado women in the Hall are role models for students of all ages to tap into their potential for paving new trails, shaping history and transforming lives.

Why give to the Hall of Fame?

  • As an all-volunteer managed Colorado nonprofit, more than 80% of your dollars are devoted to our educational programs and initiatives.
  • Your support helps us highlight the incredible stories and significant impact women have made to the fabric of our society in Colorado.
  • Sharing stories of these phenomenal women inspire girls and women throughout Colorado to greater achievement.

To launch these programs, we need your support. Donate today to join us in our mission to share the legacy of amazing Colorado women with our students and help them see what’s possible…so they too can make their mark on our world.

How to Give to the Hall:

There are several ways to give to the Hall: Paypal, The CWHF Colorado Gives site or by check:



  • Donate electronically through Colorado Gives
  • Mail a check to PO Box 18849 Denver, CO 80218

Giving Levels

  • Visionary $5000
  • Champion $2,500
  • Benefactor $1000
  • Trailblazer $500
  • Pioneer $100
  • Columbine $50
  • To request information about including the Hall in your estate planning contact us at info@cogreatwomen.org

Help the Hall preserve and amplify these unique stories
of struggle, accomplishment and wisdom.


Thank you for supporting The Colorado Women’s Hall of Fame!