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Alpine Bank Presents Virtual Conversations with Women In STEM

Thriving In Tumultuous Times October 22, 2020

“If Colorado goes for woman suffrage, you may count on a landslide in that direction throughout the West,” said famous suffragette Ellis Meredith, known as the “Susan B. Anthony of Colorado.”

Ten Colorado Women Inductees have been named “Women of the Century” by USA Today”

“This year, to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the 19th Amendment, when American women won the right to vote, the USA TODAY Network is naming 10 women from every state, plus the District of Columbia, as “Women of the Century.” These women have made significant contributions to their communities, states and country with documented achievements in areas like arts and literature, business, civil rights, education, entertainment, law, media, nonprofits and philanthropy, politics, science and medicine, and sports. To be eligible for these lists, the women had to have been alive between 1920 and 2020.” Read More:

A special thanks goes to Hall Inductee Jill Tietjen, P.E. who was one of the Expert Panelists asked to participate in the selection process! 

100 Years: Celebrate Women’s Right to Vote

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Girl Scouts: Earn a Colorado Women’s Hall of Fame Patch! Visit our page below to find out how by answering the scavenger hunt questions on the CWHF site and other women’s history sites.

Suffrage Centennial Celebration with CWHF, League of Women Voters of CO and Girl Scouts Colorado

Girl Scouts of Colorado is proud to partnered with the Colorado Women’s Hall of Fame and the League of Women Voters of Colorado to offer Girl Scouts  a special opportunity to learn about the 100 year history of the women’s suffrage movement, which ultimately led to the passage of the 19th amendment.

19th Amendment to the Constitution of the United States: “The right of citizens of the United States to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any State on account of sex.”

Girls will learn about the suffrage movement and the women who shaped history. They’ll explore how these actions set the stage for women’s rights throughout history, how the Women’s Rights Movement is still a part of our current lives, and how, through advocacy, we have the power to impact the lives of others. Representatives of the Colorado Women’s Hall of Fame will teach girls about the history of the movement and about Colorado suffragists, and representatives from the League of Women Voters will talk to girls about how they can take action today to make the world a better place. Girls will also learn about what has changed since 1920, as the 19th Amendment did not grant voting rights for all, specifically women of color.


Dear Partners, Sponsors, Donors and Supporters,

Thank you for your continued support of the Colorado Women’s Hall of Fame Induction scheduled for July 17.  This message is to let you know that our 2020 Induction will be delayed in order to protect the health of our participants and follow Colorado’s COVID-19 guidelines.  We are anxious to celebrate the remarkable achievements of our Class of 2020 Inductees without jeopardizing the health of our Inductees, their families and our guests. The Hall believes they deserve to be honored in person with a jubilant celebration.

Therefore, we will continue to follow our states guidelines and are making plans to celebrate with a full house next year, we are planning for a March of 2021 date.  We will send emails quarterly to keep you updated.  The Hall will also post updates  to our website as soon as we have a confirmed date and location.  

Watch "Meet the Women of "Great Colorado Women" Season Three Film Series"

The Colorado Women Lecture Series, a program of the Colorado Center for Women’s History, on May 30, 2020, featured a virtual visit with Betty Heid, executive producer of the Colorado Women’s Hall of Fame film series and four of the women featured in the upcoming season:  Ellie Greenberg, Carlotta LaNier, Shari Shink and Martha Urioste.


Girl Scouts of Colorado (GSCO) and the Colorado Women’s Hall of Fame (CWHF) have joined forces to create a patch for Girl Scouts of all ages. The history of women isn’t taught in Colorado schools. Since the Girl Scouts provide opportunities for girls to learn by exploring their interests, passions and dreams, the exposure to great Colorado women —both historic and contemporary — provides role models to begin to fill that gap.

CWHF highlights extraordinary women, their accomplishments and impact on Colorado, the United States and even the world. Hall inductees are women who, through grit and grace, have advanced the roles of today’s women to levels of heightened recognition and models of inspiration. “Who better than CWHF to provide an adventure in learning about contemporary and historic Colorado women,” asks Beth Barela, CWHF board chair.

How to Earn the Patch!

Colorado Women's Hall of Fame is Celebrating its 35th Anniversary!

Legacies As Tall As Our Mountains

Legacies As Tall As Our Mountains

2020 Elevate Spring Newsletter

Barb Beckner named as new Board Chair

CWHF’S Films Season III Now on Vimeo
Meet Our Newest Board Members

Welcome to the Colorado Women’s Hall of Fame!

Take a look at our Upcoming Activities page! We hold many events around the state, and in Denver.
Every two years we induct 10 extraordinary Women into the Hall, 6 contemporary, and 4 historical. We are pleased to announce our 2020 class of inductees.
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