Women in the Hall

Since 1985 the Colorado Women’s Hall of Fame has inducted 189 women of various races, backgrounds, economic levels, career choices, political philosophies, and religious beliefs united by their outstanding contributions to society.

The lives of these extraordinary women are shining examples of what can be achieved with passion, commitment, spirit, and the willingness to stand tall in the face of obstacles. They are trailblazers, visionaries, women of courage, glass-ceiling breakers, innovators, and rule changers in all walks of life. Their contributions span Colorado’s colorful and storied history, reach to its four corners, and have spread to touch our nation and our world.

They are teachers, doctors, scientists, politicians, social activists, bankers, newspaper publishers, philanthropists, humanitarians, authors, a symphony conductor, a former prime minister, a Nobel Peace Prize nominee, a jurist, a Pulitzer Prize winning playwright, an historical preservationist, a true Western pioneer, an aviation pioneer, a former Miss America, and a Cheyenne princess, to name a few. While some are well known throughout Colorado and the nation, others are pioneers in their small communities.

Four Colorado Women’s College seniors created a project about the hall and four of the inductees as a CAPSTONE presentation. They attended the 2016 induction and were inspired to learn more about the hall and these extraordinary women. Leanna Stoufer, one of the four graduates shared, We wanted to go beyond the media celebrities and find those less known but inspiring women of substance that have made an impact on Colorado and beyond. Each of the women we picked spoke to something in ourselves and we realized that passion and vision in each of these women needed to be shared to inspire others.

We are proud to present the women of the Hall.

Colorado Women's Hall of Fame

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