Antonia Brico

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Antonia Brico

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1902 – 1989

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Janice V. Prato



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Born in Rotterdam, Holland, Antonia Brico was brought to America by abusive foster parents. After escaping their rule, this determined woman fulfilled her musical passions at the University of California. She was the first American accepted into the Berlin State Academy of Music Master School of Conducting, graduated in 1923,  and became a noted interpreter of great symphonic and operatic music who appeared with prominent orchestras throughout the world. A concert pianist at 19, she opened the Denver-based Brico Music Studio in 1945, where she demonstrated a strict, systematic, and consistent teaching style that produced several successful musicians, including Judy Collins. Sadly, Brico’s goal of overcoming gender prejudice in this male-dominated profession was never achieved. The Denver Symphony Orchestra twice denied her application for orchestra director, likely on the basis of gender. In 2021, Netflix aired a film about Antonia Brico’s life.


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