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Dottie Lamm

Inductee Name

Dottie Lamm

Place of Birth

New York

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Activism & Advocacy


Florence J. Phillips



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Dottie Lamm is a modern day renaissance woman who wears her many hats with pride. For 12 years she was Colorado’s first lady as wife of Governor Dick Lamm. Hostess extraordinaire, political strategist, wife, and mother, Lamm has also been a newspaper columnist, co-host of a television show, psychiatric social worker, airline flight attendant, feminist, environmentalist, mountain climber, skier, diver, jogger, a U.S. delegate to two United Nations conferences, and candidate for the United States Senate. She is currently a University Visiting Fellow at the University of Denver, where she teaches courses on leadership and risk-taking. A breast cancer survivor, Lamm says, “There’s something that happens to people who have a life-threatening illness that makes them want to make every day count. I give more time to myself and live more in the present and less in the past and future. I put more effort into whatever I’m doing. A whole lot of things don’t bother me much any more.”
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