Lenore E. Walker, EdD

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Lenore E. Walker. EdD

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New York

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Medicine / Healthcare


Linda Scherrer



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Lenore E. Walker has been a pioneer in the field of domestic violence in her private practice as well as at the state, national, and international levels. She is a licensed psychologist and, prior to moving to Florida, was president and chief executive officer of Walker & Associates of Denver. She also founded the Domestic Violence Institute, which conducts research on family violence. Lenore has been instrumental in the design and development of policy, training programs, and legislative reform and frequently testifies as an expert witness in legal actions involving abused persons. She wrote “The Battered Woman,” a groundbreaking book of interviews with abused women that won the Distinguished Media Award in 1979. She also wrote “Getting It All: Women in the Eighties, Women and Mental Health” and “The Battered Woman Syndrome.” Her newest book is a mystery novel, “Madness to Murder” that soon will be available on Amazon.  Visit Dr. Walker’s site:


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