Ways you can contribute

Help bring extraordinary stories to life

Your financial support of the Colorado Women’s Hall of Fame helps us raise awareness and preserve for posterity the compelling stories of our inductees – so that others can continue to be inspired by these exceptional women.

Your contributions fund statewide programs of education and outreach including:

Video Initiative

To expand our video library, the Hall will continue to create engaging videos of each inductee’s compelling story. These videos will be available to schools, colleges, libraries and other organizations to assist in educating the people of Colorado of the struggles and achievements of our amazing women. The goal is to inspire all Coloradans to meet their own potential.

These educational videos will be available through our website as well as for public broadcast use. and all videos of inductees will be added to make our website more interactive and engaging. Help the Hall create, preserve and amplify their unique stories of struggle, accomplishment and wisdom.

Why give to the Hall of Fame?

  1. As an all-volunteer managed Denver, Colorado nonprofit organization, more than 90% of your dollars are devoted to programs and initiatives.
  2. Outstanding women are often overlooked in society; your support helps spread their stories.
  3. Sharing these stories of these phenomenal women are a source of inspiration to girls and women throughout Colorado.
  4. Help to raise awareness of the leadership and contributions of famous historical women of Denver and Colorado.

How to Give to the Hall:

  • Donate electronically through Colorado Gives
  • Mail a check to PO Box 18849 Denver, CO 80218
  • Call 303-271-3599 to arrange your donation.
Hall of Champions Giving Levels

  • Visionary $1000
  • Champion $500
  • Benefactor $250
  • Trailblazer $100
  • Pioneer $50
  • Columbine $25

Request information about including the Hall in your estate planning email us: info@cogreatwomen.org

Request information on how you can sponsor an inductee email us: info@cogreatwomen.org

Thank you for supporting The Hall!