Celebrating and Sharing Extraordinary Lives

Educational Resources

Inductees Sue Miller, Emily Howell Warner, and Cleo Parker Robinson share their stories and insights.

An important part of the Hall’s mission is to educate the people of Colorado and elsewhere about the stories of the women who shaped our state’s, our nation’s and our world’s history with courage, leadership, intelligence, compassion, and creativity. Our objective is to celebrate and share the talents, skills, struggles, and contributions of these extraordinary women with current and future generations. We do this through the following activities:

  • Speakers. Comprised of inductees, historical experts, and board members, the bureau brings the stories of these amazing women to life, in person, through narrative, and in historic reenactment. They travel to classrooms, girl scout gatherings, special events, museums, women’s organizations, professional organizations, and other events. Bring a speaker to your organization.
  • Inductee portrait exhibitions. These can be displayed at airports, schools, businesses, museums,libraries, or for special events and can be mixed and matched to a collection of inductees that suits the nature of the organization or event. All portraits are accompanied by a brief bio of the inductee and can also be accompanied by someone from our speaker’s bureau. Request a portrait showing in your community.
  • Print and digital publications. Numerous books have been written about individual inductees as well as a collective overview of our first 59 inductees. As these books come to life, we are working to compile them into a list for you.  We are building digital archives of each inductee including video and photographic resources. As soon as these become available we will publish them here.
  • Many of our inductees have written works. We have published the titles on the individual inductee pages.

Future Plans

As the Hall continues to grow, we plan to offer an increasing number of educational resources, among them a Virtual Hall experience that brings our inductees to life and that will stand as the primary source of information about their achievements and their lives. If you would like to support this effort, please consider donating to the Hall or volunteering your time to help us achieve this goal.