We are now hiring for the position of Executive Director

What if you could have a job that inspired you every day? There’s nothing more powerful than the inspiration and motivation that comes from the amazing stories of the women who are in the Colorado Women’s Hall of Fame (CWHF).

CWHF is dedicated to highlighting extraordinary women and their accomplishments. Women, with grit and grace, who have advanced the roles of today’s women to levels of heightened recognition and models of inspiration.

CWHF seeks an Executive Director who, with the organization’s Board of Directors, will help further the Hall’s mission to find and recognize women who are unsung heroes and deserving of absolute respect and acknowledgement.

Job Description:

The Executive Director (ED) oversees the operations of the Colorado Women’s Hall of Fame including participating in the development of direction and strategy for short and long term goal attainment; directing functional aspects of the business, including Fundraising & Development; Program & Event coordination; Administrative Coordination; and coordination with various Board Committees and their committees.

The ED provides the leadership, management and vision necessary to ensure that the organization has the proper planning and related operational execution to ensure short and long term goal attainment, organizational sustainability, and employee and stakeholder satisfaction. The ED will foster a success-oriented, high performance, accountable environment within the organization.

The ED will work with a high degree of independence in decision-making and problem solving, will lead and build consensus toward established objectives and goals; will share rewards and responsibilities; and support the initiatives and successes of others. The ED will represent the organization with integrity; will collaborate with all constituents; and will motivate people to work together to accomplish organizational goals and to satisfy the mission of the CWHF.

The ED will interact closely with the Board Chair, Board of Directors and other public and private constituents to positively represent and support the organization. The CWHF has a working board with Board members very involved in and supporting the work in the organization. This support is organized into specific committees led by Board members, which focus on key elements of the mission and supporting initiatives. The ED would also help to integrate and align these committees, working closely with the Committee Chairs.

To read the full job description and learn more about how to apply: CWHF Executive Director Job Description

If you are interested in applying for this position, please submit your cover letter and resume to info@cogreatwomen.org