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Giving Thanks to Our Supporters

The Colorado Women’s Hall of Fame Has Grown Thanks to Supporters Like You!

The Hall has grown from its inception in 1985 by leaps and bounds. We are so grateful for the support you have shown to us through the years. We hope to continue building our relationships with our current supporters and gain new friends through our current programs and development of new ones. We are so grateful for our nominators and our amazing Inductees who continue to inspire us. We look forward to the next Induction in 2020, and sharing the evening with all of the wonderful attendees, current and new.
We are grateful to our partners who create new opportunities and events for growth for the Hall, and also allowing us to offer to you, our supporters, not only public education, but hopefully opportunities for networking, fun, engagement, and as always, inspiration.

Film Projects Present & Future – With Gratitude to Betty Heid

Betty Heid served two Colorado Women’s Hall of Fame board terms ending in August 2018.
In those six years, she started as Board Historian, then became Board Chair for four years, and ended the last year of her term as our new Film Library Chair. One of Betty’s visions for our future was to capture the life stories of our Inductees on film. She also negotiated an agreement with Rocky Mountain PBS to show these films each year.

The Stories Continue…

Although Betty has left our Board, she is still dedicated to sharing the stories of our Inductees. She continues to volunteer as the Executive Producer of our Colorado Women’s Hall of Fame Films. Our first series featured Dana Crawford, Marion Downs, Penny Hamilton, Jill Tietjen, and Marilyn Van Derbur Atler. The quality of the films
are exceptional. So far Dana’s film has won a Heartland Emmy and Marilyn’s film won an LA Film Festival award. Colorado Women’ Hall of Fame is grateful for all of Betty’s wisdom, support and dedication to our mission, and gratitude also to Lisa Downing, award-winning composer and pianist, Rebecca Martinez, and the Enchanted Road Productions team, Bill Ranshaw and Rick Higgins. Watch for season two of “Great Colorado Women” early next year!

From left to right:

  • Gudrun “Gudy” Gaskill
  • Doreen Pollack
  • Mae Boettcher
  • Chipeta
  • Helen Bonfils
  • Arlene Hirschfeld
  • Mildred “Babe” Didrikson


Mentors and Role Models: Diverse Pathways to Success

January is National Mentoring Month! To celebrate, the Colorado Women’s Hall of Fame, Center for Colorado Women’s History and Women of Denver will be joining forces to delve into the power of mentorship with a multi-generational panel of diverse community leaders. Successful leaders often credit a mentor or role model for providing wisdom throughout their journeys. That dedicated support can be invaluable for any individual working to navigate new career and life choices.
Thursday, January 31, 6-8:30 pm at Women In Kind event center: Purchase Tickets:   

Colorado Women’s Hall of Fame is launching Educational Programs

The Colorado Women’s Hall of Fame is launching new educational programs to inform and inspire the next generation of boys and girls between the ages of 10 and 18 with the stories of the contributions & accomplishments of women in Colorado. These programs will build upon the incredible stories of CWHF Inductees and put the historical significance of their impact into context.


Donate for Education

Inductees in the News

Inductees Martha Urioste (2000) & Polly Baca (2000) inducted into Colorado Latino Hall of Fame in October

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A huge congrats to Polly for the Public Service award and Martha Urioste for the Luminary Award in the 2018 Colorado Latino Hall of Fame awards! 



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Hall Inductee and Harvard Alumna Judge Christine Arguello (2014) received the Celebration Award from Harvard in September

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The Celebration Award which recognizes and honors women who have made an outstanding contribution to the legal profession and the public welfare. Christine was the first Latina from Colorado to be admitted to Harvard University School of Law. (Arguello shown second from right.)


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Centro San Juan Diego Ministry in Denver celebrated it’s 15th Anniversary on October 11, 2018

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Hall Inductee (2008) Sr. Alicia Valladolid- Cuarón, (Right) served as Executive Director for over ten years at Centro San Juan Diego Ministry. The ministry founded the Sr. Alicia V Cuarón Education Fund this year.


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Hall Inductee Josie Heath (2000) Honored with trail marker at Meyers Trailhead in Boulder County.

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Since 1970, Hall Inductee Josie Heath has been community activist, educator, & political contender in Colorado. Heath made early pushes to buy/preserve land that would become open space. She was recently honored with a trail marker at Meyers Trailhead in Boulder County Full Story: Longmont-Times


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Ding-Wen Hsu (2012) spoke at Denver Reception at the Center for Asian
Pacific Americans (CAPAW) in October

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Cleo Parker Robinson (1989) Presented “Rhapsody in Black” at the Newman Center in September, 2018.

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Tune into more podcasts of Extraordinary Women Radio with Kami Guilder:

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Juana Bordas Podcast

Listen to all podcasts:

Elinor Greenberg |Jill Tietjen |Dottie Lamm|
Lauren CasteelGerie GrimesDorothy HorrellSusan Helms|
M.L. Hanson, CWHF FounderFay Matsukage | Christine Arguello
Gail SchoettlerLeslie FosterPenny Hamilton | Ceal Barry

Board News

[cs_column column_size=”1/2″]Board Member Alexis Cuarón Anderten (2nd from right) Honored at Latinas Honoring Latinas Awards for sponsoring Latina Safehouse – October 19, 2018[/cs_column]

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[cs_column column_size=”1/2″]Board Member Jill Wright was nominated for Denver Biz Journal Award

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CWHF Announces Three New Additions to Our Board

  • Krystal Covington, PR, Brand Awareness Board Chair
  • Doug Infiesto, Technology Board Chair
  • Peg McKechnie, Film Library Board Chair[cs_divider divider_style=”crossy” divider_backtotop=”yes” divider_height=”1″]

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