Pauline Rivera is a graduate of Metropolitan State University of Denver where she majored in Journalism with a minor in History. In 2004 Pauline joined La Voz on a contract basis, then as a columnist (Mis Recuerdos), eventually becoming the Lifestyles editor. In 2007 she became the General Manager at La Voz. In 2008 Pauline and her husband purchased La Voz and have successfully operated the 45-year-old bilingual publication. Under her leadership, as Publisher, La Voz has advanced editorially, has expanded statewide, and is the winner of numerous National Association of Hispanic Publicans (NAHP) awards for the past seven years. Pauline has recently been awarded the Trailblazer Award from the Denver Latinas First Foundation for being the “first” Latina publisher of a Hispanic publication in Denver.  Under her leadership La Voz was granted a face-to-face EXCLUSIVE interview with President Barack Obama in 2012. Also, in addition to Denver and its surrounding communities, and northern Colorado, La Voz has expanded their reach to both Pueblo and Colorado Springs, major Colorado cities with large Latino populations.

Tell us something special about you that we don’t already know…

I was the first Latina to own a bilingual publication. Also named Latina Publisher of the year 2016 by the National Association of Hispanic Publications (NAHP)

Why does a partnership with CWHF appeal to you and La Voz?

It is important that CWHF highlight the very same women represented in today’s society and continue instilling diversity.

What are your thoughts about the importance of mentors and role models?

Role models and mentors are important because it is easier to success with someone’s help and experience than doing it alone. CWHF continues to seek ways to reach all groups.

How do you feel about the progress women have made in the business world, as community citizens, as voices for progress?

Women are dominating the workforce and Latinas in general account for more than 25 percent of new businesses.

How do we, together, put “her” back into history?

We work together by working to represent what society looks like today, diverse and inclusive.

What makes you hopeful and happy?

That more women are stepping up and taking control of their skills, know how and integrity is key.

What words of inspiration might you have for CWHF and the future generation of women? Integrity is the key to success; diversity is the key to fairness and equality.

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