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Carolína González

Inductee Name

Carolína González

Date of Birth

Born 1894 died 1996

Year Inducted



Activism & Advocacy


Liberty Oilfield Services



Carolína González
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Carolina Acuña Díaz González was a Colorado renaissance pioneer, renowned for her welcoming home and hospitality, her active support for the arts and culture, and her uniquely authentic restaurant, Casa Mayan, a “Mutualista” or refuge for 40 years for immigrants in Colorado. González was an essential element in building and supporting the Denver community and ensuring that everyone felt a part of that community. She opened her doors to people of all nationalities and walks of life.

González provided accommodations and a safe haven during the Depression for countless youths, “riding the rails” to Colorado. In the 1950s, she opened “Carolina’s Casa” to anyone of any race fleeing persecution during the McCarthy era. She never turned anyone away, demonstrating the importance of community for all citizens, and the significant aspects of Mexican hospitality and generosity: “Mi Casa es Su Casa.” Her former residence is now part of the National Register of Historic Places and a Denver landmark.

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