Caroline Bancroft

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Caroline Bancroft

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1900 – 1985

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Kathy Bedell



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A third-generation Coloradan, Caroline Bancroft was born into Colorado’s “upper-crust” society. Describing Denver’s history as “alive and kicking,” she was also describing herself. Known for her high-handedness and eccentricities, Bancroft spent time in the Ziegfield Follies and was once a cruise ship teacher before she wrote for the then-scandalous Denver Post. Her determination and interest in Colorado history led her to research and publish nine booklets on the topic. Armed with a master’s degree in history from the University of Denver, she focused primarily on Central City, Leadville, and the Tabor family. In her later years, Bancroft traveled to escape health problems. She was struck with cancer four times and tuberculosis three times and suffered blindness for one full year.

Books by Caroline Bancroft

Silver Queen: The Fabulous Story of Baby Doe Tabor
Colorado’s Lost Gold Mines and Buried Treasure
Six Racy Madams of Colorado
The Unsinkable Mrs. Brown
Colorful Colorado: Its Dramatic History
Unique Ghost Towns and Mountain Spots
Gulch of Gold: A History of Central City, Colorado
Tabor’s Matchless Mine and Lusty Leadville
Famous Aspen: Its Fabulous Past – Its Lively Present
Historic Central City
Denver’s Lively Past, From a Wild and Woolly Camp to Queen City
Folklore of the Central City District, Colorado
Glenwoods Early Glamour
Grand Lake From Utes to Yachts: Its Legendary History
Augusta Tabor: Her Side of the Scandal
The Brown Palace in Denver: Hotel of Plush, Power and Presidents
Estes Park and Trail Ridge: Their Dramatic History
George A. Jarvis: Colorado’s New York Friend
The Melodrama of Wolhurst: Celebrated Colorado Show Place
Photo Story of the Matchless Mine and Baby Doe Tabor
Tabor Luck
Trail Ridge Country: The Romantic History of Estes Park and Grand Lake
Two Burros of Fairplay: Morsels of History for Young and Old
The Unsinkable Molly Brown Cookbook
Women of Consequence: The Colorado Women’s Hall of Fame

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