Helen Bonfils

Inductee Name

Helen Bonfils

Place of Birth

New York

Date of Birth

1889 – 1972

Year Inducted





Marilyn Z. Hempstead



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Helen Bonfils and her sister May were two of Colorado’s most dedicated and generous philanthropists who supported many causes over the years. Their influence is most deeply felt in the arts. Helen became the more prominent of the two sisters. After the death of her father, Frederick G. Bonfils, in 1933, Bonfils managed the newspaper he founded, the Denver Post. Helen served as secretary-treasurer until 1966, when she was named president. She later served as chair of the board. Her philanthropic efforts led to the establishment of the Bonfils Memorial Theater and the Denver Center for the Performing Arts. She performed in, produced, and managed several productions at various Denver theaters, including Elitch’s. Bonfils also endowed scholarships and built churches and hospitals while supporting charities and the performing arts. Her legacy includes the Belle Bonfils Blood Bank.


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