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May Bonfils Stanton

Inductee Name

May Bonfils Stanton

Place of Birth


Date of Birth

1883 – 1962

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Bonfils Stanton Foundation



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May Bonfils Stanton and her sister, Helen Bonfils, were two of Colorado’s most dedicated and generous philanthropists who supported many causes over the years. Their influence is most deeply felt in the arts. Daughter of Denver Post founder and editor Frederick Gilmer Bonfils, Bonfils generously bestowed her wealth upon Denver. Fiercely dedicated to her Catholic principles and charitable causes, she created the Clinic of Ophthalmology at the University of Colorado Medical Center, the library and auditorium of Loretto Heights College, the Bonfils Wing at the Denver Museum of Natural History, and the interior décor of the Catholic Chapel at the U.S. Air Force Academy. Upon her death, she left half of her estate in trust for St. Elizabeth Church’s Franciscan Religious Order. Although she was an accomplished composer and pianist, Bonfils disliked the spotlight.
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