Elise Boulding, PhD

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Elise Boulding, PhD

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1920 – 2010

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Elise Boulding, a native Norwegian, moved to the United States at the age of three. By 20, she was on a mission to “become a peacemaker.” She wrote extensively about conflict resolution in both personal and global relations and her academic work helped shaped the nation’s concept of peace studies.   In 1990, she was nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize by the American Friends Service Committee. While at the University of Michigan, she and husband Kenneth Boulding, founded the International Peace Research Association. After their move to Boulder, she earned both master’s and doctorate degrees in sociology while raising five children. Joining the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom, Boulding was one of 12 women chosen to meet with Russian women in 1962 at the height of the Cold War. She helped organize the Women’s Strike for Peace, one of the first protests against the Vietnam War. Through her academic work and the Women’s Strike for Peace, she helped shape the nation’s concept of peace studies, women’s studies, and future studies. She believes that, in order to pioneer different and better ways of life, women’s knowledge and perspectives must be brought to bear on global problems such as population control, politics, and war.

Boulding advocated for greater inclusion of women at the highest levels of diplomacy.


Books authored by or containing reference to Elise Boulding

The Underside of History
Children’s Rights and the Wheel of Life
Women in the Twentieth Century World
Cultures of Peace: The Hidden side of History
Building a Global Civic Culture: Education for an Interdependent World
Bibliography on World Conflict and Peace
Peace Research: the Infant Discipline?
Children and Solitude
One Small Plot of Heaven: Reflections on Family Life by a Quaker Sociologist
Born Remembering
The Family as a Way into the Future
Building Peace in the Middle East: Challenges for States and Civil Society
Conflict Management in Organizations
The Effects of Industrialization on the Participation of Women in Society
The Future: Images and Processes
Peace Culture and Society: Transnational Research and Dialogue
Bibliography on World Conflicts and Peace
Women in the Developing World: Evidence from Turkey
The Future of the United Nations System: Potential for the Twenty-First Century
The Social System of the Planet Earth
Keeping the Peace When It Matters Too Much To Be Left Too Politicians
Social Science Research and Climate Change: An Interdisciplinary Appraisal
Peace: Meanings, Politics, Strategies
Families Under Stress: Adjustment to the Crisis of War Separation and Reunion
The Evolutionary Vision: Toward a Unifying Paradigm of Physical, Biological and Sociocultural Evolution
Power and Conflict in Organizations
Peacemaking in a Troubled World
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